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Adrift in Macao

Adrift in Macao-Lureena

Adrift in Macao premiered at

Primary Stages in New York City


Book and Lyrics by Christopher Durang

Music by Peter Melnick

Directed by Sheryl Kaller,

Musical Direction was by Fred Lassen

Choreography by Christopher Gattelli

Scenic Design by Thomas Lynch

Lighting Design by Jeff Croiter

Costume Design by Willa Kim

Orchestrations by Michael Starobin

Casting by Mark Simon

Rachael deBenedet

Photo by Mark Garvin


Rachel deBenedet, Orville Mendoza and Michele Ragusa, Alan Campbell as the mysterious ex-patriate Mitch, Will Swenson as the shady and womanizing nightclub owner Rick, and Jonathan Rayson and Elisa Van Duyne as the Trenchcoat Chorus.

And before that, this light-hearted film noir parody musical had a successful run at Philadelphia Theatre Company in the fall of 2005, winning three of the show’s performers Philadelphia’s Barrymore Awards: Rachel deBenedet for Best Actress in a Musical, and Orville Mendoza and Michele Ragusa for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress in a Musical.  The three performers recreated their roles in the Primary Stages production and are on the CD.

The show is a light-hearted, playful parody of two Hollywood genres: the film noir movies, in which the leading man is always mysterious and can't go home for murky reasons he won't say; and the less known “exotic adventure” movie set in Hollywood versions of China or Morocco or Trinidad,  And in these foreign places, the leading lady can seemingly get a job singing in a nightclub no matter how well she does or doesn’t sing.


Orville Mendoza, and Michele Ragu

Photo by Mark Garvin

In Durang and Melnick’s romp, the mysterious man is Mitch named for Robert Mitchum.  And the nightclub singer who falls in love with him is named Lureena, and is a mixture of Jane Russell, Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner, a wised-up broad who’s still underneath a hopeless romantic.  Plus there's also the mysterious Mr. McGuffin who everyone is searching for. Songs include In a Foreign City in a Slinky DressPretty Moon Over MacaoThe Chase, and Ticky, Ticky, Tocky Bangkok.


​Performance Rights Available Through Concord Theatricals

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