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One-Act Plays

The Longer One-Acts are complete and you can find the links to those pages below.   The Shorter One-Acts will be available in the near future.

While we continue to develop this section, it is recommended you go to the Dramatists Play Services website ( and do a search for “Durang.”  The site then lists all the Durang plays they handle.

DPS publishes ALL of Durang’s one acts, and they have short synopses and list the number of characters too.

Additionally, on my site’s “Published Play” page, you can find all the titles of the one acts, both in some hardcover editions, and in the Dramatists Play Services acting editions.

Shorter One-Acts

 (less than 30 minutes)

Desire, Desire, Desire

Funeral Parlor

The Hardy Boys and The Mystery of Where Babies Come From

Medea (co-authored with  Wendy Wasserstein)

Mrs. Sorken

Naomi in the Living Room

  and 21 other short one acts.....

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