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If you have business questions, my agent is Patrick Herold at ICM Partners.

His assistant is Alice Stites - 212-556-5782 -

ICM Partners

65 East 55th Street

New York, NY 10022.

From Chris Durang:

My apologies. I used to have an AOL account that I told visitors to the website that they could use to write me with comments and/or questions. And I used to be fairly good responding to people who wrote me.


Starting in spring 2013 I got very busy and was only able to respond to some of you. Then my computer started to give me trouble. Then I had an injury that took up many months, and during that time I couldn’t manage to get my computer to work. Then it got working again, and several months ago, my AOL got hacked repeatedly, and so I had to give up on my AOL accounts – both the one for the website, and my private one as well. (AOL seemed incapable of stopping the hacking.)


So… for now there is no easy way to reach me. And for the last many months, I haven’t been able to see the emails that some of you sent. I apologize, but I got afraid to use my computer or to use AOL. So several of you may have written to me, and I have not seen your emails.


I may come up with another way to reach me, but for now I am still feeling somewhat overwhelmed, and so I am presently not creating another email to contact me. Sorry about this, I enjoyed hearing from you in the past. I’ll see what I can work out in the future.


Best, Chris Durang

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