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Film and TV Writings

Labor Day Weekend

(45-minute teleplay, 2002, for a special on “marriage through decades.”  Susan Rose, Dan Paulsen, producers.  Showtime/Columbia-TriStar.  Durang’s teleplay set in the 1950s; Beth Henley wrote one set in the 1970s; Diana Son wrote one set in the 1990s)


Sister Mary Explains It All

(screenplay based on his play, 2001, Showtime.  Produced by Victoria Tennant, Kirk Stambler. Directed by Marshall Brickman, starring Diane Keaton.  For Showtime/Columbia-TriStar)


Three’s Conundrum

(sitcom pilot, 1998-99, Regency, Gail Berman, Joan Stein, producers.  For WB Network)


Meg and Billy

(sitcom pilot, 1997, Regency, Gail Berman, Joan Stein, producers.  For Fox Network)


Under Duress

(10 minute teleplay for “Words on Fire” episode on “Live from Off-Center,” 1997, PBS/WNET.  Produced by Wendell Harrington, directed by John Sanborn. Featured Durang and  Kristine Nielsen.)


Love is a Thing Called Elmo

(hour teleplay for possible return of “Love American Style,” 1993, ABC, producer Douglas Cramer.)


The Girl Who Can’t Say No

(hour teleplay for pilot for anthology series, 1992.  Scott Winant, producer.  ABC.  Pilot consisted of three scripts, other two by Aaron Sorkin, Jane Anderson.)


Dysfunction! – The TV Show

(sitcom pilot for Warner Bros., 1990-91; sold to Fox network)


The War Room

(wrote episode for Tom Fontanna/Bruce Paltrow sitcom about White House press corps, 1989, CBS)


The Adventures of Lola

(screenplay written for director Herbert Ross, 1988)


By-Line (A Day in the Life of Playwright Chris Durang)

(teleplay for 7-minute mock documentary for Showtime’s “By-Line” series on authors, 1987.  Jerry Zaks, director.  With Durang, Christine Estabrook.  Guest cameos by Sigourney Weaver,  Julie Hagerty)


The Visit

(30 minute teleplay for Trying Times, a PBS/KCET series on “difficult life experiences,” 1987.  Alan Arkin, director.  Jon Denny, Phyllis Geller, producers.)


The Secret of My Success

(rewrote several scenes uncredited for director Herbert Ross’s 1987 film)


Beyond Therapy

(screenplay, based on Durang’s play, 1986, directed by Robert Altman.  Durang wrote initial screenplay; Altman rewrote substantially.  They shared credit…or blame, ha ha)


Carol and Robin and Whoopi and Carl

(staff writer, Carol Burnett TV special, 1985, ABC/Carsey-Werner)


Comedy Zone

(sketch comedy show, 1984, CBS)  (4 episodes aired)


Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You

(screenplay based on Durang’s play)  (from 1982 until 1990, Durang wrote 3,177 versions for two different sets of independent producers)


The Nun Who Shot Liberty Valance

(original screenplay, 1982, for Warner Bros.)


The House of Husbands

(screenplay, 1980)  (Co-authored with Wendy Wasserstein for the Ladd Company)


Comments, Explanations and Accusations

(ha ha) about some of the above.

From Durang:  I’m including comments on SOME of the projects mentioned.  I’m also choosing to refer to them starting with the oldest ones and moving up to the present.  So it’s the reverse order of how they are listed on the previous page.  But I think very sequentially, and I prefer to discuss them in that order. 

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Above: Durang receives a Sarah Siddons Award for his unproduced screenplays.  

(gown by Vera Wang)

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